Seedling project activity record (English version)

Documentary "Four days to the final decision" by NHK can been seen with English subtitles at the MISHO channel on YouTube.

Documentary clips broadcasted by NHK are now available at MISHO channel on YouTube.

Elementary and junior high school students OSL dosimeter measurement results (first round 2015)

Recommendations on strengthening of atmospheric dispersion monitoring and prediction technology of radioactive materials due to the accident of the nuclear facilities

For use of measures of numerical prediction information about the atmospheric diffusion of radioactive material associated with the accident of the nuclear facilities

 Our paper was published online


We have put together our data and made into a scientific paper, which was submited to Journal of Radiological Protection

and was accepted for publication.

Misho report No.3: Mr. Shigeru Otsu (Former head of local disaster preparation team)

Nationwide radiation survey via the Buddhist network (third time)

SPINNUTS No.85 "one yen fusion" (P18 ~ 25)

[2013.6.27] Misho report No.1: Mr. Sakuma Hiroshi (former junor highschool science teacher)